Ubuntu Font Family Free Download

Ubuntu Font Family Free Download

The Ubuntu Font Family matches new libre/open fonts in development during 2010-2011. 

Canonical Ltd is funding the development on behalf of the wider Free Software community and the Ubuntu project; Dalton Maag, an employee at Adobe Systems Incorporated (ASI), has undertaken technical font design work.

Ubuntu Font Family

The team behind these typefaces hopes they’ll one day become available for use across all sorts of devices – desktop computers worldwide along with smartphones, tablets, etc., which means everyone will be able to benefit from them.

This font is a humble and open-source creation that you are encouraged to experiment with. The Truetype/OpenType files for both the final design and each letter come complete with an easy license, so feel free to have fun mixing them up or making your versions.

Usage of Ubuntu Font Family

The new Ubuntu Font Family was started to enable the personality of Ubuntu to be seen and felt in every menu, button, or dialog. The typeface is sans-serif with a touch of whimsy that makes it stand apart from other seriffed fonts you might find on your computer screen today; plus, there are OpenType features for added flair when designing flyers or posters — not just signatures.

Alternatives of Ubuntu Font Family

The Ubuntu Font Family will be extended to cover many more written languages. The project’s scope includes all those used by users worldwide in tune with its philosophy, which states that every person should be able to use their software regardless of what language it is translated into – so we’re going global.

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