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Tungsten free font

Tungsten Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Are you looking for the Tungsten Font Free Download file? You’re at the right place to download this font bold and clean font-free within seconds.

The mix of the attributes such as professional and formal complexion brings you to one of the most awesome font styles to exist on the market known as the Tungsten font.

Tungsten Font Family

This font reflects the true sporty, or you may say, modern fashion trends to blend in the universe of neat and clean styled font designs.

This phenomenal font came into existence by the craftsmanship of an American font designer, Tobias Frere Jones, born in 1970.

Tungsten font was released by one of the most populous National Designs Award Holder typeface foundries known as Hoefler Typeface Foundry, also known as Hoefler & Frere-Jones. It is established jointly with the efforts of Frere Jones.

Mr. Frere has put his most potential into crafting a unique font design with numerous choices in condensed classification, making it more attractive and space-efficient.

Tungsten comes from a font family with 3 widths (condensed, compressed, and narrow) and 4 sets of weights, including (semi bold, medium, rounded & heavy).

The 7 multiple characteristics are often inserted in texts, especially in newspapers & magazines, the ad sections.

Usage of Tungsten Font

Tungsten free font preview

Tungsten font is great as magazine font and newspapers and it is also used for other applications due to its sporty look.

It can be utilized as the brand’s official themed font on every piece of information such as advertisement or the product itself.

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1. A Bold, Clean & Elegant Design

Tungsten font is one of those fonts capable of bringing attention to the viewers because of its bold & clear texture, which is also quite convenient to read; therefore, it offers an elegant feel to its viewers.

2. Customizability Features

It loves to get customized over web pages, book covers, letters, graphic designing, and crafting emblems.

3. Printability

It has a wonderful texture. It does not pixelate over high resolution.

Therefore, it is recommended to print different merchandise such as shirts, bags, or metal mended letters displayed over buildings’ gates.


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