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Trade Gothic Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Are you looking for the Trade Gothic Font Free Download? You’re at the right place to download this free font.

Trade Gothic Font brings a super structured typeface with amazing texture, preserving a professional look and natural feel to the text.

This font is designed by Jackson Burke, an American typeface and a book designer born in California, in 1908.

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Trade Gothic Font Family

Trade Gothic belongs to a sans-serif typeface released by Linotype foundry, created in 1948.

Mr. Jackson has kept its basic look by removing any unwanted loops, flares, or curves at the letter’s ending section.

Also, there are no visible dashes at the top or bottom section of the letters; hence the letter appears to be in the simplest format with more executive touch making it subtler and slightly condensed.

Trade Gothic belongs to a sans-serif font family with 14 distinguished font weights and characteristics originating offers ranging from Trade Gothic Oblique to Condensed, Bold, Roman, Extended with light and extra light features.

Trade Gothic’s 16 different font modes are more than enough to cover your headings, displays, brand name, logos, newspapers, documentation, or even the designing of magazines.

Usage of Trade Gothic

Trade Gothic is not only great for professional businesses, it is also great for different projects’ personalization.

1. A Feel of an Elegance

Trade Gothic font is one of those fonts that have the capability to draw the viewers’ attention instantly because of its texture and format.

2. Printability

Trade Gothic is also recommended for different printing of business cards; it can also fit different merchandise items, such as sportswear kits, travel bags, or even t-shirts.

3. Alternative

If you are looking for similar font designs, check out Gill Sans, Verlag fonts as well.

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