Times New Roman Font Free Download

Times New Roman Font Free Download

Times New Roman is a font that has been around since the 1930s. 

Britain’s newspaper of record commissioned it, The Times to be used for their body text coverage and designed by Stanley Morison. He also created many other famous typefaces like Helperinspector Mono-Type Style 1 (the first-ever digitally printed letter).

Times New Roman Font Family

The classic Roman is still very common, and it’s an excellent choice for book or printing. It has grown to be one of the most influential typefaces in history, with many laptop computers also using this font on their keyboards.

Morison is considered one of the most critical people in printing history because he was an adviser and artistic director at Monotype. 

Usage of Times New Roman Font

He helped bring new technology with him when leaving his position as Director there to improve on some aspects such as typography and design for books.

He asked them to recommend a design that would work well with their text, and they returned after some consideration. 

The client’s preferred font had been changed from an outdated typeface like passport script, which was maybe suitable for prior centuries but not now; he wanted something more modern yet still traditional-looking like what you see on old books or historical documents from before World War II (the 19th century).

Alternatives of Times New Roman Font

Times New Roman is a font that has been popularized in European baroque and early modern-day printing. It’s condensed like haymaker fonts, which makes it easier to read with brief ascenders/descenders as well as an X top (tall slash). These characteristics allow readers storage space while increasing its legibility.

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