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Thrasher Font Free Download

Thrasher Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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Thrasher font is a typeface designed by Vernon Adams in 2014. This font is inspired by the handwriting of real people. It is also a rough, hand-drawn font family which is great for street art projects, posters, flyers, etc.

There are many places in which we know the font because this is one of the most used fonts. You can use it in your wedding invitations, school projects, flyers, or as a headline for your magazine.

Thrasher Font Family


There are many different styles and versions of the and you can find them all here! These fonts are created for designers and developers from around the world.

Recently I was working on a project where I needed to use a font called Thrasher. The font is pretty neat as it was designed specifically for screens and provides great legibility.

It is a logo font and was popularized by the legendary magazine Thrasher. The font has also become synonymous with a variety of other sports such as snowboarding, surfing, and motocross.

Vernon says he named it Thrasher, after the University’s mascot. Nevertheless, the school was not able to use it due to copyright issues so it never became its official font. The original typeface was created in 38-point size but other sizes were never released.

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Thrasher is a versatile font. You can use it for your website, logo, or poster design. It will work with different style projects, like vintage, hipster, grunge, retro, modern, and even futuristic.

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Thrasher font belongs to the hipster alphabet. We live in the real world and for a lot of us, print is still the most popular means of communication. Thrasher poster font has a rich history and it was created some time ago.

The new version is still used nowadays although there are other trendy fonts available.

Thrasher is a decorative, condensed sans serif typeface. The typeface is inspired by the harsh lettering found scrawled on early twentieth-century signs along the Santa Monica and Venice Beach boardwalks.

The Thrasher font family is a vintage style typeface that comes in four weights: Thrasher Light, Thrasher Book, Thrasher Medium, and Thrasher Bold. The font family’s design is inspired by classic wood-type lettering, and the inspiration behind it makes it suitable for logo design projects related to sports (skating, hockey) and retro-ish designs.

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