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Theban Alphabet Regular Font

Theban Alphabet Regular Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Introducing Theban Alphabet Regular font. It is a custom dingbat font with all sorts of symbols that you can use in any regular display font. It was designed and developed in May 2008. It is so cool with very delightful dingbats.

The Theban alphabet was used for writing scientific manuscripts and occult writings because of its mysterious quality. It is a wonderful maze typeface, the most appealing typeface ever.

Theban Alphabet Regular Font Family

The Theban alphabet, a medieval script used in the 14th century for occult and scientific works to avert persecution by the Inquisition, has been redrawn and digitized by modern-day designer Glenn Theban. It’s a set of secret “witch” symbols used in the sixteenth century to prevent scientific manuscripts from the Inquisition.

Usage of Theban Alphabet Regular Font

The style of these typeface letters is designed using straight lines, corners, and curves. It works well for a number of applications.

The strokes of this typeface work well with both the design in which both the thick and thin styling is required. This font has extraordinarily minimalistic along with a stylish tone.

A versatile-based font like this could be a quality approach to creating websites and logos. Especially if you are looking for a witchcraft style, this font works great.

Alternatives of Theban Alphabet Regular Font

You’ll absolutely love the endless maze of letters and points. This unique font is the only font of its kind. Download this font free of cost. Hit the link below for instant download now!

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