The Stranger Things Font Free Download [Direct Link]

The Stranger Things Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Are you looking for the stranger things font free download? You’re at the right place to download this famous font.

Stranger Things has been one of the top-most-watched seasons on Netflix but let’s get started from where it began.

So, before actually going to watch the season the viewers must have seen the official cover of the famous season.

They must have noticed the font because there was no emphasis on the main characteristics of the actors or casts on the cover but the only thing which made people click to check out the season was the actual font dedicated for its cover.

The Stranger Things Font Free Download is here to get quickly.

Since the font gave a mysterious, magical or you may call it a wizard type of strong spooky vibe.

The stranger things font gives most resembles to the ITC Benguiat Font.

The Stranger Things Font Family

stranger things font preview

The stranger things font comes with two weights is the uppercase and lower case characters consist of only bold format as seen on the cover of the season to give more appeal.

The stranger thing font gives a very strong sturdy look with sharp strokes at the edge of every letter the baseline and the head of each letter has been set to uniform length to keep it in a disciplined manner and prevents from the orientation of the letters.

The most prominent features which define the attributes of the stranger things font is the design of every letter for example the middle bar or the base making the letter A is slightly curved to give it a distinct look as compared to normal A with a straight baseline at the bottom completes the A letter.

The internal cavity of the letter G has no internal folding rather a straight strong vertical bar.

The bar middle horizontal bar connecting the two vertical parallel bars of the letter H is pushed to the top rather than keeping in the middle which gives a gothic type of vibe which looks pretty similar to the letters of batman movie fonts.

This cool font is best for the catchy display of covers for example commercials and graphics, it is recommended for the headings of any informal project.


You can directly download The stranger things font by clicking below. You will be amazed after The Stranger Things Font Free Download and start using it with design tools and software like Photoshop and illustrator.

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