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Tetris Font Free Download [Direct Link]

The Tetris Font is a techno font family created by Timothy Gao. This typeface was first launched on May 23, 2010.

This is the most up-to-date sans serif font published in 1998 by ParaType. Its excellent and practical design makes it more elegant and stylish. If you are thinking of using this font size, you had better consider its appropriateness carefully.

Tetris Font Family

Tetris Font Preview

This font consists of uppercase, lowercase, and some punctuation symbols. Having a sizable languages support, it’s quite a special and fascinating font to work with. If you look at the picture above, you can’t really tell the letters apart. They are very different from most other fonts.

The designs are to be covered within the everlasting collection of virtual typefaces at the museum of present-day artwork. They are meant to be artwork!

Usage of Tetris Font

If you like the look of Tetris fonts in text-based designs and want to add it to your vast collection of design resources, be sure to hit the download link at the bottom.

In terms of usage, people have been using this kind of font for years in newspapers, literature, and cinema. In particular, if you have an art or sci-fi design project, this font will work like a charm. Also, it can be used for all types of publications, like books and magazines. But of course, feel free to be creative with it! And let us know in the comments.

Alternatives of Tetris Font

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Another excellent point about this text style is that it is free for personal projects. You may download it simply by clicking the download link below. Don’t forget to share it with friends. As the font is slowly gaining more popularity, you will see it more often.

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