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Teko Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Teko is a sans serif constructed font family outlined by Indian Type Foundry. It includes two composed typefaces, Teko Teko Extra and Teko Teko Small. The font family was presented in 1988. The idea was to design sans serif, which can be used for body texts.

The design of the characters is impressive and beautiful as well. It was designed by Indian Type Foundry in 2016.

A bold oval face with beautiful curves makes it possible for you to create eye-catching visual effects for your headlines and tags. Coming in different weights makes it possible for your designs to have highly legible texts with very stunning outcomes. Another great thing about this typeface is the availability of a library full of ligatures that give room for creativity in typographic forms.

Teko Font Family

Teko Font Preview

It has the same astonishing sights. The face family is outfitted with fashionable angular chamfered edges that give a wing to your text, creating the idea of speed.

This font family has more than 500 glyphs, and it’s designed for screen and print. It comes in four different styles for each weight. Each of the styles has six different kinds of numerals, distributed on the characters, making this typeface a unicase one. It’s a particular type of family because it includes only letters and digits, but even so, it can be used as a menu or identification typeface.

Usage of Teko Font

That font family features letterforms with light strokes, square proportions, and a structure that appears simple look. This helps in meeting a vast range of design expectations and requirements.

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We have a few suggestions for you: logos, displayed texts and headlines, banners, business materials, marketing materials, invitations, and special occasion invitations. The list goes on. The idea is that Teko Font is very universally used across different applications.

Alternatives of Teko Font

We hope this free font family will deliver the results you are hoping for. If so, hit the download button now to get started.

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