Tahoma Font Free Download

Tahoma Font Free Download

Tahoma is a typeface that Matthew Carter designed for Microsoft. It first appeared in the initial release of Windows 95 and has since been distributed with his Verdana to be included among these standard fonts available on all versions up until now.

Making it an everlasting staple selection not only within any business or professional setting but also at home where people are using their computers often enough nowadays without needing anymore incentive than just how functional they can get out of this single task alone.

Tahoma Font Family

Tahoma is often compared with Fruiter, another humanist sans-serif typeface. In an interview by Daniel Will Harris for On the Shoulders of Giants, author and typographer extraordinaire Carter acknowledged some similarities between his earlier Bell Centennial font.

Tahoma is a font used to display text on the screen in Microsoft Office programs like Word 97 and 2000. 

Usage of Tahoma Font

This typeface has become more popular as an alternative from Arial due to its modern design features such as sharp curves, making it easier for people with dyslexia or other reading difficulties to understand what’s being read aloud by using this font instead of ones without these improvements.

It also replaced MS Sans Serif, which came preinstalled when you installed your operating system back then until Window Vista, where both fonts were still available but not automatically selected unless requested/added through preferences.

Alternatives of Tahoma Font

This is a demo version of this font which means you can freely use it for your personal or non-commercial projects without worrying about copyright laws. You are allowed to create designs in this typeface but not on an official level as long as they do not earn money and take permission from the author before using their work commercially.

If you’re looking for a freeware version that can be used in all your personal and non-commercial projects, then click on the below download button. It’s not for commercial purposes – please purchase this font from an official website of ours or somewhere else safe.

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