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Splatoon Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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Splatoon is a font based on a shooting video game launched in 2015. The game itself is a competitive third-person shooter, playable by up to eight players simultaneously, in online battles set in small arenas filled with paint. The game’s objective is to cover the ground with your team’s color, thus achieving victory for your side.

Splatoon Font Family

Splatoon Font Preview

This font is developed by Mariko Tachibana in Nintendo (a Japanese Company). It comes with many fantastic characters including punctuations, numerals, lowercase and uppercase characters.

The 14-style typeface has a distinctive design that is very attractive. It also includes a few interesting characters like some inkling letters and unique icons. This font also supports many international languages which is why many designers use it so much.

Usage of Splatoon Font

This will be a good font for your design, especially for your game project that asks for a unique typeface with a childish and attractive style. And since this font is used in gameplay, we think the best use case is for gaming development and street art forms.

But in addition to that, you could also use this font for creating posters, art designs, invitation cards, gift cards, business cards, branding projects, presentations, documents, and social media marketing.

Alternatives of Splatoon Font

If this font sounds like a great match for you, be sure to hit the download link below.

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