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Source Sans Pro Font

Source Sans Pro Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Looking for Source Sans Pro font free download? Look no further!

Paul D. Hunt, the designer behind Source Sans Pro Font, has created a sans-serif typeface that American designers and their work inspired after being commissioned for Adobe Systems Incorporated’s new project title “Source Safflower,” which became an open source license under SIL Open Database License scheme in 2004 giving this family its name “SIL OFL 1License.”

Source Sans Pro Font Family


The font includes six different weights, including light and regular. It’s also a variable font that can be used for maximum languages; this means you’re getting more than just one typeface with Source Sans Pro.

The font that you design should create something original yet still maintain a professional tone. Source Sans Pro can generate as many different eye-catchy designs as your heart desires! Pair it with Open Sans and Courier New for some extra polish on any project in need of an elegant touch.

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A list like this needs variety; the typeface dictates how readable each letter will appear when they’re next connected by two other letters or numbers or just one stroke.

The Humanist and Grotesque Sans-serif font has extended usage. It proves to be one of the great fonts for combining with others, as its clean design can easily fit into modern websites or logos without looking out of place! 

The typeface would make an excellent choice if you’re looking for something trendy yet professional at the same time; highly recommended.

Usage of Source Sans Pro Font

The word “Human” in this particular style may not seem like much on its own, but when put together alongside other similar techniques such as Futura Medium Italic/Typewriter Stylize Script MT,”ld”, etc.

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They all become more interesting due to their differences from each other which creates contrast while still maintaining unity.

This font is a versatile one that can easily be fitted in various places. However, it’s best known for being used on user interfaces, so it’s most suitable when text size needs to remain small, or you want the lettering style focused around readability rather than detailed design elements such as color schemes and artwork placement, among other things.

Alternatives of Source Sans Pro Font

It takes six weights of this typeface ranging from thin to extra-bold but each weight offers something different depending upon what sort of need applying was like if we’re looking at headlines versus body copy.

The font was designed under an open-source license, so it’s entirely free to use on your websites. From the mentioned link you can download this fantastic typeface for maximum impact and expressiveness.

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