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sofia pro font

Sofia Pro Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Are you looking for the Sofia Pro Font Free Download? You’re in right place to get it and enhance your creativity.

Sofia pro font offers a much exquisite typeface that comes with a feature of a steady texture. This amazing font was designed by a typographer & designer named Olivier Gourvat.

Sofia Pro Font Family

Sofia pro font was jointly released by Mostardesign studio focused on brand creation custom type and illustration.

The designer of this font has designed it with the main focus of keeping it formal yet, modern ideally for business requirements. Keeping the height and baseline of each character in a much more precisely uniform length.

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The designer has removed any access styles such as curves or dashes at the edges of each letter keeping each letter rather plain or totally soft at the baseline in some of the styles.

sofia pro font preview

Sabon Font contains OTF, TTF includes 16 different styles and family packages like light, extra light, medium, bold & black with the solo or compendium of italic styles with each weight.

As this font contains 16 modes of style, they are sufficient for creating headings, body text, small descriptions, or minor details or you can combine the pair of the roman and bold or italic with bold which makes a very fine document format best for highlighting the text.


The Sofia font seems very professional but it can be utilized in a wide range of the designing of the package, logo, or choosing it as an official brand font.

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A Mesmerizing Neat Design for the Views

If you are establishing a business, then you should surely try out this font which makes your brand highly attractive & catchy.

Cover designing

The Sofia font is suitable for designing covers for your display, book, or any object engraved over the leather it also best fits on the body section of the book pages.


This font offers the best features for printing due to the layout and neatness which is why the Sofia Pro is an absolute choice for printing.

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You can use this font after downloading by clicking on the download option below.

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