Sans serif fonts are the most popular fonts used in web designing. These look classy on websites but not as famous as serif fonts.

They appear in most logos and wordmarks used by major global brands, but nowadays, many designers use sans serif fonts rather than serif ones for websites that want to appear more modern or legible.

What is Sans Serif Font?

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Contrary to what their name might suggest, Sans serif fonts are straightforward to read on the web. They do not have tiny strokes on the top and bottom of letters. They are also referred to as Grotesk, grotesque or humanist.

They are called sans serif because of their no usage of any line or bar. For example, block letters and capitals “A-Z” in standard textbooks, newspapers, and magazines are written using a font known as Serif Fonts.

Sans serif fonts are among the most popular and prominent. These fonts are used mainly because they are the easiest for a reader’s eye to follow along with, yet they are also easily identified.

Since sans serif fonts do not include any added tails, tufts, or curls, these tend to be much simpler in appearance and design.

Sans serif fonts come in several different varieties and even deeper sub-divisions of sorts.

These fonts are clean and straightforward. They are elegant and useful for big blocks of text.

They are used to create unique designs. The fonts have been used and are being used by the biggest of brands like Facebook, PepsiCo, Nike, Chanel, and Apple, naming a few.

big companies logos
big companies logos

Designers have placed these in their usage charts for good reasons, and I will reveal some significant benefits of using them.

What is more, they also do well in logos, headings, and simple presentations. If you want your target users to read what is before them without getting distracted, sans serif can be a good choice.

Check the best sans serif fonts out there today.

1. Pasajero Font

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Pasajero Font is an amazingly crafted font with exquisite typeface art that gives a modern look to your fonts. It is crafted in a particular manner that individual letters provide an aesthetic vibe because all the letters of this font are emphatic in their way.

2. Cochin Font


Cochin Font is an amazingly designed, artistically pleasing typeface that gives a classical and modern perception with a glamorous, stylish, and professional characteristic to your text.

3. Brandon Grotesque Font


Brandon Grotesque font is a beautifully designed aesthetic typeface that gives a perception of a glamorous, modern, and professional characteristic to your text.

4. Veneer Font

Veneer Font Free Download

The blend of the formal vintage attribute with freestyle visual art gives rise to one of the highest-rated fonts produced by the “Yellow Design Studio.”

5. Optima Bold Font

optima bold font free download

With the crossover of professional and a mildly informal retouch style design, a font design known as “Optima Bold.”

6. Trade Gothic Font

trade gothic free font download

Trade Gothic Font brings a super structured typeface with fantastic texture, preserving a professional look and natural feel to the text.

7. Didot Font

Didot Font Free Download

Didot, a font formed with a combination of professional, classical, and most importantly, fashionable characteristics that enlighten this font’s core potential.

8. Akzidenz Grotesk Font

Akzidenz Grotesk Font free download

With the blend of old formal English and German font styles depicting the trends of the early 1850s, we present to you the “Akzidenz Grotesk” font.

9. Sofia Pro Font

sofia pro font free download

Sofia pro font offers a much exquisite typeface that comes with a feature of a steady texture. This awesome font was designed by a typographer & designer named Olivier Gourvat.

10. Sabon Font

sabon font family free download

Sabon font family features a very splendid typeface that comes with a feature of a steady texture.

11. Futura Regular Font

futura regular free font download

Futura regular font is classified as a steady, modern, elegant font design with a geometric Sans-serif typeface.

12. Verlag Font

verlag free font download

Verlag font free download and start using it in your projects. Have you ever noticed those hundreds of tiny columns in the newspaper consisting of very few texts containing helpline phone numbers addresses for jobs or services?

13. Gill Sans Font

gill sans free font download

Gill Sans offers a unique package both in style and accessibility, but that’s not all that makes it stand out because of its versatility and varieties.

14. Avantgarde Font

Avant Garde font free download

This aesthetic logo is the base icon of a magazine of Avant-Garde. In 1970 Herb Lubalin & Tom Carnase designed the Avant-Garde font.

15. Univers Font

univers free font download

The Univers font came into being in the late 1950s and became a keystone of attention.

16. Avenir Font

Avenir Font Free Download

In 1987 Adrian Frutiger discovered a category of font which included attributes of different variations of fonts containing extra bold, semi-bold Italic, lightweight, compressed and regular font for other usages depending upon the requirements.

17. Nascar Font

Nascar font download free

This famous font, which is expensive, is here to use with multiple design approaches. This kind of font is primarily used for specific purposes like in games and sports.

18. Got Milk Font

got milk font free download

This font is trendy, based not only on the interface but also on the story behind its design. In 1993, a campaign was launched to motivate local people to consume more cow milk.

19. Rosarina Font Family

rosarina font free download

After using a heading or bold font in design, The next thing is a font for taglines. Many designers consider it an easy task, but in our opinion, it is a way tough job than any other thing.

20. Nooa Font

Nooa font free download

A fantastic and stylish font is a very elegant and suitable-looking typeface in the designs. Many designers are using it for their designs tagline and magazine lines.

21. Ainslie Font

Ainslie Font Free Download

According to the stats, more than 70% of online blogs and websites use Sans Serif & Slab font, which is easy to see and understand.

22. Cambay Font

Cambay Font free download

It comes with a complete version of the font, especially Photoshop and Illustrator. It can be exchanged with Calibri’s simple font.

23. Cereal Magazine Font

Cereal Magazine font free download

We introduce you to the font for Magazine’s headings, titling, and styling.

24. Heavitas Font

Heavitas free font download

Heavitas is a bold sans serif typeface, which looks decent in all designs. It was designed back in 2015, but still, it is beneficial for many designers.

25. Lemon Milk Font

lemon milk font free download

Introducing you to the brand new display font. Which is specially made for modern designs and arts.

26. Nexa Font Family

nexa font family free download

Introducing you to the modern Nexa font family with 36 styles. The most demanding font in web designing, graphics, and banners.