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Sailorette Tattoo font

Sailorette Tattoo Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Sailorette Tattoo font is a handwritten tattoo font that resembles traditional sailor tattoos with ornamental center lines, curved arms, and flowing crossbars on the letter A and H. Includes some uncommon non-English characters and ligatures.

The tattoo looks like a vintage tattoo, nautical, or neo-contact. Regular (half-filled), black (filled), and italic (slanted) versions of Sailor’s fat tattoo script are available for free.

Sailorette Tattoo Font Family


Sailorette Tattoo font is a hand-drawn typeface that resembles the tattoo designs of artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. They usually feature ornamental center lines, wavy arms, and feet, flow-through cross-bars on the letters a and h, and uncommon non-English characters and ligatures.

There are, of course, several Sailor Jerry fonts available, but most of them are stiff and processed. They don’t evoke the sensation of classic tattoo art. That’s where Sailor’s fat tattoo script comes in.

Sailorette Tattoo Font Usage

The designer of the font was a tattoo artist, so it makes sense that his font looks like it was created by hand. The tight, ornate structure of Sailor Jerry’s font makes it easy to check your drawing and write your name or word clearly and legibly. So I highly recommend using this font for your signature or logo in the projects.

Alternatives of Sailorette Tattoo Font

If you want to obtain a vintage tattoo look in your work, try our free sailor font. You can download it for free and use it for any purpose below.

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