Sailor Moon Font Free Download

Sailor Moon Font Free Download

The Sailor Moon font has been used to create the logo of an iconic shojo series written by Naoko Takeuchi, initially released from 1991-1997 on Nakayoshi magazine’s cover.

This female designer created this fantastic display family called “Sailor Moon. This new typeface is perfect for anyone interested in Japanese culture and manga.

Sailor Moon Font Family


The popular animated movie has captured the world’s attention with its captivating font. The last series was broadcasted from 2014 to 2016; many designers have been using it for their traditional designs.

The animated series became a worldwide phenomenon when it was first broadcast on television—the last season aired from 2014 to 2016.

This movie still retains its popularity among the film-going public today, with many design professionals noting that they have been using ‘The Incredibles’, as pointed out by designer Brad typography for their traditional designs since then too.

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The Sailor Moon logo is a gorgeous blend of elegant lettering and modern design. At the same time, Hardly Worth It takes care doing just about everything else. From headings down through illustrations!

The word “Sailor” has been formatted with three different fonts, all designed by Japanese company Niitaka Design Studio to highlight its star-crossed lover’s theme: Wish MF for the title, Oh You Klid Font used on pages containing a dialogue between characters (such as captions.

If you’re looking for the perfect typeface to use in your logo, greeting card designs, or posters, look no further. This font is what every designer has been waiting for, and it can be downloaded at absolutely no cost from our website.

Usage of Sailor Moon Font

The Sailor Moon font is an excellent choice for logos and text designs. I love how the letters are thin but not too much like you would find in Helvetica or Arial, making them easier on your eyes when designing graphics with large blocks of color around them.

It can be used in many different situations, such as icon web pages where they need something that will look good without distracting from what’s going underneath; this kind of thing wouldn’t work very well unless some typeface-specific features were available within Subtitle Sans Pro.

This font is perfect for any design that requires a professional look and feel. It can be used to create an elegant book cover, catchy poster advertising your company’s latest product release, or even the logo of some new up-and-coming business in need of branding advice.

Alternatives of Sailor Moon Font Family

Avant Garde may not seem like much when first glance, but there are few things more satisfying than pulling on its open letters with pride after hours spent working hard at designing something just right whether it has been created as part o your creative portfolio Or if you’re looking into using this excellent typeface.

The font is not only great for headlines and titles, but it can be used in office work too. You could use the text to make daily reports, invoices, or signatures with this typeface.

It would also look perfect on PowerPoint presentations where you need some professional-looking words like Accounting firm names might do well using Aura Lucida. I bet they’ll appreciate their business cards being decked out so nicely.

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