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Sailor Jerry Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Sailor Jerry Font is dope and distinctive. Sailor Jerry’s clear style can be personalized by using different widths or weights, giving one-of-a-kind character to your design.

This font makes it easy to check layouts and lettering, which is best for custom tattoos that will stand out in a crowd of college kids with generic tattoo fonts.

The sailor’s fat tattoo script is a classic, more fluid style of writing that closely resembles the original lettering on traditional American tattoos.

Sailor Jerry Font Family


A square measure consists of four equal units; it may be any shape but must have all straight sides and right angles to qualify as such. Several sailors in this class want to offer their own art for sale.

However, most will only sell traditionally stiff designs or very processed pieces, which do not evoke an authentic feeling about what old-school tattoos look like.

Sailor’s Jerry font is a hand-drawn typeface that looks like the architecture of chases embers and is half-filled with ornamental center line serifs. The arm of this tattoo design has wavy arms and foot serifs, which gives it charm in its flow through crossbars on the letter A or H.

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The latest trend in tattoo fonts is to have your skin as the canvas. As a result, there are tons of different designs that you can choose from for any occasion or style. For example, if nautical-style tattoos interest you, then Sailor’s Fat script font might be perfect!

This typeface comes with three variations: regular (half-filled), black (filled), and italicized versions, which add an extra level of sophistication not found in other scripts.

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