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Roda Bamboo Font Free Download

Roda Bamboo Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Roda Bamboo font is a typeface particularly designed to give a much outshining feel and glow to the text. It is regarded as an ornamental and decorative font family.

Hence it serves the purpose of the headline, entrance, or the main representation of any particular subject. Due to its appealing design, many designers love utilizing this font for their regular projects.

This font is designed by a Turkish lettering artist and font designer Serkan Dilemek which was released in 2019.

Roda Bamboo Font Family

Roda Bamboo font stands out since all of the letters are the same width and length, as well as the baseline, giving the text a strong appearance.

This font’s creator has gone to great lengths to make it stand out by giving it a slightly futuristic glamorous look and keeping one step ahead of its competitors.


roda bamboo font preview
roda bamboo font preview

Roda Bamboo font is categorized as a multi-staged and exceptionally great font style when it comes to versatility hence it can be used over various projects for example textual animation, illustration, greeting or wedding cards, large scale advertisements, metallic engraves.

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It can also be used to serve the purpose of covers of books, magazines and as well as brochures.

Font Clarity

The Roda bamboo is made with a cautious work to keep the text style simple & omitting the flares and extensions style properties to provide an ease of reading and feels soft on eyes.


This free font has the features to draw the viewers to itself due to its unique appealing nature and craft hence this is one of the most attractive font styles you can try for your projects.

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Roda font has a high-resolution for textual features, its layout design is highly recommended for printing, graphics editing, designing of the web pages, and making textual logos, it offers a characteristic of maintaining a firm look even after cropping a document.


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