You are currently viewing Propaganda Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Propaganda Font Free Download [Direct Link]

The Propaganda font family is a very startling and popular typeface in the modern age. You defiantly have seen it before due to the tremendous fame of this great typeface. This clean font family has been used in many places by various designers until this time.

One of the font designing companies has been designing some great fonts and reached an extreme degree of popularity. This particular time, the Propaganda font went viral on their website. Likewise, it was created using some artistic sensation. The best thing about this typeface is its bold and slender appearance. For enjoying more quality features, you can make use of those fonts.

Propaganda Font Family

Propaganda Font Preview

Apostrophic Labs is one of the most popular font manufacturing companies that have released multiple fonts in the market. The given typeface is famous for its super sharp letterforms and expressive designs.

The propaganda font family comes with eight fresh and clean typeface weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Heavy and Black. Each weight has its uppercase letters as well. Two distinct font families inspired the old English styled fonts. They are based on the Bauhaus movement and on the work of Frank Heine who did the experimental typography in the 1920s. This modern looking font family is ideal for use on any design project.

Usage of Propaganda Font

Propaganda Font Family was born due to a need for a clear and legible typeface in print, digital, and motion design. The enlarged x-height, open counters and reduced letter-spacing make it distinct from other contemporary typefaces. These features work together towards the same goal, legibility at any size.

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Propaganda is a rounded gothic typeface featuring a large x-height with concise letterforms, appearing for the first time in the 1930s. Many of them have used this font for their creative branding from famous brands to logos created by top designers.

Alternatives of Propaganda Font

Strong Font support makes it a famous family for publishers. Because of its attractive design, this font family can help handwritten sketches look more stylish and refined. Designers often love this font. If so, Then you have come to the right place.

This small font design is ideal for apparel designs, denim jacket linings, t-shirts, back pocket linings, floppy header accents, layers, and quantities of almost any kind. It will also be a brilliant idea to use it as a default choice for designing an application or even a theme.

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