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Papyrus Font

Papyrus Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Papyrus font has been a favorite for graphic designers around the world since its creation.

This typeface is often utilized to create an ancient or fantasy feel in design projects with many unique and distinctive characters. It’s also often used with other fonts like Olde English that gives your project that authentic touch.

Papyrus Font Family


The use of Papyrus by designers started when Chris Costello created it as his own personal calligraphy practice piece at just 16 years old. Since then, it’s become one of those go-to fonts for all sorts of creative endeavors, from logos to invitations – you name it.

The designer’s personal connection with the Bible ultimately led to his creativity and passion for designing a handwritten font, which he tried out in Papyrus Font Generator. You can download this free tool online or use it on your computer at home.

There are many fonts available to use in a design, but some stand out above the rest. Donatello and Mozer Fonts are two popular types that designers like best for their text because they display bold lettering with an interesting style.

A Canadian film director, James Cameron, used this font in the subtitle of his movie Avatar, and it has been popular ever since. It started being highlighted everywhere after appearing on Saturday Night Live as well.

In 2015, this font was featured in the video game Undertale. The font is described as an uncommon Romon typeface that offers a fresh new take on traditional fonts while still staying grounded in its roots.

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It’s a perfect choice for different platforms and can be used on websites, logos, subtitles, youtube content, or thumbnail headings, among other things.

The commercial-use, no-cost font is great to use on personal work and projects. Download it here for free, so you can make your own personal or non-profit creations stand out with this designer font.

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