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Palatino font

Palatino Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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Palatino is a well-known old-style font released by The Stempel foundry in 1949. It has been among the top 10 most used fonts throughout world history, and it’s one of only twelve typefaces where we’re able to see an upgrade version as well. 

There are two versions: Palatinos classic release, which includes capital letters; lowercase characters like oe ligatures or ss’. 

Palatino font Family

“Book Antiqua,” inspired from this famous serif alphabet was created specifically for book publishing companies such HarperCollins Great Britain LTD., Oxford University Press US.”

The typeface of Palatino font is so glamorous that it has its style, which can be called “glamorous calligraphy.” This particular look makes this specific font unique and gorgeous.

Usage of Palatino font

Palatino font is an excellent choice for all printing jobs, including headlines and display advertising.

It can also be used in books to writing advertisements or invitation texts; this typeface has been very popular with designers who want easy-to-read letters on their banners/brochures because of its open counters, making them perfect when you need something legible without much detail involved during the design process. 

You could even use it as your website’s headline text since they are pretty small but quickly capture attention.

Alternatives of Palatino font

Click the “Download Font” button to get your free copy of the Palatino font. This is a single font that can be used for personal projects only, not commercial ones.

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If you’re looking to create some elegant work, this free download on our website will help get things started with its rounded lettering or somatic letters whatever style matches your fancy most today.

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