Peanuts Font Free Download

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Peanuts font is the only font created by a comic strip character. Though it's quite popular, not many people know its history or where it is used. Two great fonts…

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Lavanderia Font Free Download

Lavanderia Font is a unique font designed to replicate old-form construction industry lettering, usually found in the early 20th century. This is a proprietary font for use in both web…

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Thrasher Font Free Download

Thrasher font is a typeface designed by Vernon Adams in 2014. This font is inspired by the handwriting of real people. It is also a rough, hand-drawn font family which…

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Toy Story Font Free Download

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The Toy Story franchise has been going strong for 22 years, first coming out in 1995. One of the distinctive things about this franchise is the font used on the…

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Mistral Font Free Download

Mistral is a nice font. Mistral font was designed in the year of 1938. Mistral was created by 2 different designers and from the base of Garamond font. It was…

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Knockout Font Free Download

The history of Knockout Font is rich and diverse. This font was originally based on Franklin Gothic. The original appearance had some flaws so the designers went on to change…

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Franklin Gothic Font Free Download

Franklin Gothic Font is a popular serif text typeface. Originally published in 1906 by Morris Fuller Benton, it is the most widely distributed of the News Gothic family. Franklin Gothic…

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Europa Font Free Download

The Europa Font is available in a lot of different styles, such as Europa Regular, Europa Light, Europa Medium, Europa Bold, and other styles. A touch typist, a pleasure seeker…

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Pablo Font Free Download

A tall thin vertical rectangular black symbol and white symbol on a blue background. These are the symbols of Pablo Font which is in fact a unique font. It is…

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Omnes Font Free Download

Omnes font is unique, it can be described with a few words: script, calligraphy, handwriting. It has a great combination of classic and modern styles. That makes you feel excited…

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