Orkney Font Free Download

Orkney Font Free Download

The Orkney font family. What an interesting name for a font. Well, it’s very interesting indeed. Hand-drawn with a sense of form and style, this font was made by the Philippines font foundry Hanken Design to honor the famous Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland. 

Created in 2016, this ingenious sans serif font has been named after this stretch of greenery and is full of character, as it befits its history.

Orkney Font Family

Orkney Font Preview

Founded in 2009 by award-winning designer and typographer Dan Mallory, Orkney Font is a super fun font family that makes headlines.

The Orkney font is based on the classic Neue Haas Grotesk and features several swashes and ligatures. Additionally, it boasts Opentype functionality to improve its readability.

So you’re thinking of using the Orkney Font Family, but you’re wondering if it’s worth the effort if there isn’t a lot of demand for it. It is quite popular. Here are some results that show just how interested people are in this font:

Usage of Orkney Font

Orkney is fast becoming the favorite font family of many designers worldwide. Gone are the days when sans serif fonts were all about feeling clinical and cold, Orkney has all it takes to be considered a fun, playful and friendly alternative. With this collection, you get all the goodness that Orkney promises: versatile design, refreshable usages and super-cool features.

Beautiful, simple and modern, the Orkney font is perfect for use on websites and infographics.

If you love lettering and typography, this is the type of font for you. Everyone talks about Letraset as one of the best kits of typefaces in the World right? This is a very small part of it because this font is awesome. It has a sense of modernity and versatility.

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Alternatives of Orkney Font

Orkney Font includes four styles: Light, Medium, Regular, and Bold. These styles feature legible characters and numerals. The picture below shows these four typefaces in this font ready to install on your computer. Each letter in this typeface shows the work of the font’s designer.

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