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optima bold font

Optima Bold Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Are you looking for the optima bold font free download? You are at the right place to get this free font.

With the crossover of professional and a mildly informal retouch style design, this is a font design known as “Optima Bold”. This bold-looking font was designed by a German type designer & calligrapher named Hermann Zapf, born in 1918.

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Optima Bold font was a release of typeface foundry called Linotype Foundry, home to one of the most famous font designs, including Helvetica, Avenir, Futura & Trade Gothic. Linotype aims at producing linear or professional type font designs.

In this font, the designer has removed any excess attributes. For example, dashes, curves, bending, or even flares at the ending sections of some of the letters are simple and uniform.

Optima Bold free font download is classified as the sans-serif type family featuring a moderately heavy design to serve the titles, headings, the mainline, or the front face.

Usage of Optima Bold Font

optima bold font preview
optima bold font preview

Optima Bold font seems much more formal, but it can be used for various tasks, such as making brochures, pamphlets, newspaper headings, or even enlightening your billboards for advertisements and other purposes.

1. Clear visibility

Optima Bold draws much attention in public places due to the distinguishing noticeably minor space between the letters making it much clearer, therefore, easier to read from a distance.

2. Printability

Optima Bold free font download is highly recommended for printable projects due to its fine texture, making it much sharper and not pixelated.


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