Old Wood Serif Font Free Download

Old Wood Serif Font Free Download

Old Wood Font is an excellent font for any project coming up. It can be used in logo branding, sport design, and more.

Luis Jerez designed this typeface with the help of his father, who worked as an architect back then; he also owns an old printing press from Germany made around 1920-the 1930s, which adds to its authentic feel not too modern like other digital fonts out there today. 

The typeface Old Wood Font is a perfect choice for using in the design of bold headlines, oversize typography, and logos. 

Old Wood Serif Font Family

The font can be used to create an attractive branding style that will help your company stand out among other brands on the market today! It’s free, so you don’t have anything holding yourself back from trying it out or even making money off this great resource.

The typeface has been designed to appear new and exciting, even when seen on-screen or for show purposes. Old Wood Font comes with three different styles, including Regular weight for daily use; Light makes sentences less severe but still professional enough in tone, while Bold may be used if you want your message enforced strongly these highlighters will help viewers soak up every word of what’s being said.

Usage of Old Wood Serif Font

The baseline rendering without any kerning makes it one of the most complicated typefaces to use. But, if you can master these 1027 glyphs, your presentation will be perfect.

You might as well try out some different styles before deciding on what shape suits best for this year’s conference proceedings.

Old Wood Font fonts are a fun, creative way to spice up your designs and give them some personality.

Alternatives of Old Wood Serif Font

Alongside the traditional use of these types of lettering in logos or advertisements (e.g., Honda), you can also utilize it on structures like resumes if that’s what they’re looking for instead. 

You can’t go wrong with this freestyle. It is beautiful and will help you in your future endeavors. Share the link to our content on social media alongside friends or partners- I believe it’s worth sharing for any person looking towards the improvement of memories and advancements into new adventures.

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