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Nike Font free download

Nike Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Are you looking for a Nike font free download? You’re at the right place to download this font easily within seconds.

It is hard to find someone that has never heard of the Nike brand. Nike makes the best quality athletic shoes and sports gear such as clothing and gadgets for athletes all around the world.

The Nike symbol was meant to represent the Greek goddess of victory and success. In doing so, it has been used as an inspiration for athletes worldwide who strive for that very same goal: Victory!

Nike Font Family

Nike Font

The Nike emblem was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971 and is an italicized Impact created by Geoffrey Lee.

The swoosh of the logo has become a symbol of athletic achievement worldwide because it signifies victory on any field or court, with its bold lines standing out against whatever background they are placed upon.

Futura Bold Condensed Oblique is a great font to use, but it isn’t the best for legibility. I recommend Futura Light so that your audience can see what you are typing with ease and read your message without any problems!

The closest Nike-Esque font seems to be Futura Bold Condensed Oblique. This type of text has been manually tweaked to improve its appearance by tightening spacing and applying slanting features within photoshop (however, not only).

Nike has been using Trade Gothic for a long time now, but it’s interesting to see how their old typeface is slowly phased out. For example, the “N” in Nike appears more slanted and thinner than before because of this change from Futura Extra Bold Condensed to Trade Gothic.

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This font is perfect for almost any project that requires a professional look. With 22 different styles, Futura can be used in everything from website development to game design and more! It’s also great for official documents like letters, titles, or business cards too!

If you want to incorporate this font into your projects, download this script font and start using it today.

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