Motorhead Font Free Download

Motorhead Font Free Download

Motorhead is a smart heavy metal band founded by Lemmy Kilmister in 1975 in the United Kingdom. The Motorhead logo was designed by Kilmister himself and inspired by the Nazgul and Anarchy symbols.

This logo design consists of the snaggletooth, also known as War Pig, representing evil and death. The war pigs were the soldiers on the battlefields of the past. These animals were used to charge at the enemy soldiers giving them fear. Lemmy Kilmister has drawn an Anarchy symbol within the mouth with a white background to represent evil and chaos.

Motorhead Font Family

Motorhead Font Preview

Motorhead was a heavy metal band from England founded in 1975 by three members including Lemmy, Larry Wallis, and Lucas Fox.

This font is used for the title of this band. And its name is Motorhead Font. Graphis Inc. designed it in the year 2001.

Usage of Motorhead Font

Motorhead is one of the most famous rock bands in the world. The logo and font used for this band are beautiful. So today we are going to discuss the Motorhead logo and its font.

Motorhead was a famous band everyone knows. They have become famous due to their first album named On Parole in 1976. And they are renowned for their war-pig logo and heavy metal music.

We are just the biggest fans willing to share this Motorhead Font Free Download with you. Today we will share a true story of how we got our hands on this font and why we are willing to share it.

This font is really cool and also simple like our band. It’s free for personal and commercial use and you can download it from the given link.

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Alternatives of Motorhead Font

This font consists of 653 characters, comprises TrueType features, and has a visually deceptive appearance. The fantastic thing about the font is that it works very well for tattoo businesses and covert enterprises.

Another remarkable facet is it’s free for both business and private use. All you have to do is click a download button. So, click the download button and save your Motorhead font on your computer, phone, or other device.

This stunning font works excellent with publishing work, such as posters, advertisements, books, labels, etcetera. It’s perfect for invitations, greeting cards, business cards, etc.

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