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Montserrat Font

Montserrat Font Family Free Download [Direct Link]

Looking for Montserrat Font family free download? Look no further!

Introducing Montserrat Font Family.

This font is perfect for those of you who need a warmer, more laid-back tone to your designs. 

Designed with the aid of Julieta Ulanovsky and her love for typography has given us something new that we can enjoy beyond just words on paper; it’s now an art form all on its own.

Montserrat Font Family

The font is fantastic because of its geometric face and ability to be used in many different aspects. It has 36 styles, making it perfect for any occasion or design. The typeface comprises 2 sister families, including Subryada and Alternates. Each family contains many special characters.

Usage of Montserrat Font Family

The font Montserrat is a beautiful and elegant choice for any project. It is a versatile typeface that can be applied in maximum domains and for different reasons. As you will see many notable organizations, brands and companies have chosen this font.

In 2020 this font was featured in the Yang Presidental Campaign allowed this font to soar once again and became one of the very popular typefaces. Not just in politics, but in entertainment as well.

In 2019 Horsetooth International Film Festival used this font in its posters and designs. Since then, the festival has been using the font in different channels, television shows, movies, and series Logo, etc.

Alternatives of Montserrat Font Family

Did you know? In 2017 the Monserrat family was updated with some additional features and characters, making it a perfect family of typefaces. It was redesigned by Jacques Le Bailly, another great graphic designer.

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