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Mistral Font Free Download

Mistral Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Mistral is a nice font. Mistral font was designed in the year of 1938. Mistral was created by 2 different designers and from the base of the Garamond font.

It was named Mistral after the wind that blows through France, the home of Garamond. As it is inspired by Garamond but has several modifications. To know more about this font, go through its history alongside us, and to know where to use it, we are going to tell you at the end of the article so read till the end.

Mistral Font Family


Mistral Font is a new J cut of a font variation used in Europe for Urdu. It was originally designed by Karlgeorg Hoefer as ‘Washington’ and it was based on ‘Bodoni’. The Mistral font is free to download and use so long as it is not modified.

Mistral is a modern sans serif, a typeface designed by Frank Romano and Carol Twombly for Adobe. Its name derives from the name of the winds, from Marseille (France), the city where the font was conceived.

It was designed for use in a wide range of text sizes and applications that require clear ideas and high readability.

The Mistral font is the work of one graphic designer, Franklin Gonsalves, who is an Argentine native. It is a unique typeface that is mainly used in Latin and Spanish-based languages.

Mistral is a calligraphic script created by French-type designer Franklin G. Richard in the 1970s. It is a revival – or indirect descendant, at any rate – of a calligraphic work first cut by Jeanne Fatou, in posthumously published editions of her works.

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Designed as a display face, Mistral was used for headlines and advertising in magazines such as Elle and Paris Match but never found much use beyond that environment.

Franklin is an attractive display font that is inspired by the calligraphy in old French paper and book covers from the XVIII century.

The name of this font stands for a French type designer, Francois Franklin who produced charming typefaces such as Jacques Androuet, Xavier Dupre, and Angelus.

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Mistral Font is a typeface named after its designer, Franko Mistral, who based his design on penmanship lettering.

Mistral font is a serif typeface of the Times family. It is also known as Franklin Gothic, Cooper Black, and Monotype Fournier in 12-point size while in 24-point size it is also known as Litho Gothic or Litho Antique.

The origin of this font was found in some famous books and other publications such as posters for the Broadway Production “Mission to Moscow” (1943), Newsweek magazine (1947), and the cover of the New York Look magazine.

This font consists of 4 weights: Light, Book, Medium, Bold and Italic and is a set of roman fonts. The last update of Mistral was on August 26, 2008.

It is a script font. It is useful for logos, scientific documents, short texts, and so on. Click the button below for an instant download.

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