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Misfits Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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Misfits is a horror font with a lot of details in the design. The thick and thin skinny lines of this font make it very attractive. The designer, Rob Villareal designed this font. With 74 glyphs, Misfits font has a stunning look. 

Want a unique and spooky font for your projects? Well, Misfits has it all – creepy, terrible, and ugly look. Perfect font to use in Halloween projects to create spookiness.

Misfits Font Family

Misfits Font Preview

Misfits have a powerful character and an appeal to their aesthetic. It’s as if it was made over hundreds of years like the gothic or even old letterforms were repurposed in the face of Misfits. Villareal used two forms of grotesque for this font. It shows a lot of variation in its conditions and creation. The cap i, j, and l characters are shaded with a black line.

Usage of Misfits Font

What makes the Misfits Font special is the horror look it has. The weird-looking letter shapes, the rough edges, and its simplicity make it unique. Feel free to use it on any occasions or projects that could utilize some horror elements.

Also as mentioned earlier, this font works really well around Holloween so if you need a font, this is the one for you.

Alternatives of Misfits Font

If you are ready to download this font free for use, be sure to hit the link below.

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