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Menlo Regular Font

Menlo Regular Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Menlo is a sans-serif typeface derived from the open-source font Bitstream Vera and the general public area font DejaVu. Its maker, Jim Lyles, created it for use on the operating system Mac OS X Snow Leopard. 

The face was initially named Access, but it later changed to Menlo due to trademark issues. The look is available in two variants: Menlo Regular, designed for screen display, and Menlo Italic, intended for print production.

Menlo Regular Font Family

Menlo Font is a sans-serif typeface that combines sharp points with rounded terminals. Designed by Jim Lyles and first available on Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, Menlo was derived from the Bitstream Vera serif typeface and the DejaVu Sans font family.

Menlo font is an excellent font with the best look and feel. The typeface has a typical form with TrueType elements and 151 characters set. It is a graduate font to have additionally helped increase its beauty. As you can notice in the pictures, the designer’s hand has drawn every glyph with total concentration and passion.

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Usage of Menlo Regular Font

If you’d like to use this typeface, please use it for commercial purposes. You can also use it for company logos, brochures, printing materials, and so on. It contains CentOS, Arch, Powerline, and elegant ligatures.

Merriweather is a beautiful font that will help you make a good piece of work that meets your clients’ and customers’ needs while at the same time fulfilling your wishes.

Fantastica contains a fantastic selection of characters, including ligatures and complex glyphs, making it the perfect font for any project.

Alternatives of Menlo Regular Font

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It’s a beautiful font, available for both personal and commercial use. It has all the bells and whistles of a more professional font. The rounded corners make it a pleasure to read in small and large sizes. I hope you enjoy it!

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