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Loki Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Loki Font comes in eight weights which include roman and italic characters for each weight. Furthermore, there is no need for letter-spacing adjustments and this font is easy to use when creating logos.

The streaming service Disney+ recently released a popular TV show named “Loki” based on Marvel Comics. The first season was released on June 9, 2021, and its next season may come out next year. After research, we found that the above fonts were used to develop the Loki font with some customization from the designer.

Loki Font Family

The “O” started as Cloister Black when the lovely effects were added. This typeface, designed by Morris Fuller Benton (caps) and Joseph W. Phinney (lowercase), was initially issued in 1904 by American Type Founders.

Usage of Loki Font

Loki font is a type family with eight weights and matching italics. The smooth shapes of this soft serif font give it a pleasant and accessible personality with a nostalgic flair. It has a little bit of a retro vibe. 

Loki font comes in many different styles, making it very useful for things like logos, editorial design, branding, web design, package design, and more. Short, powerful phrases and headlines can be made with this word. 

You can also use it in longer text, like at the beginning of a paragraph or in the middle of a body text. Whether you want a font that can be used for many different things or one that is friendly, you’ve found it.

Alternatives of Loki Font

The font style can be positioned above the text on the cover page. This draws attention to any word on the cover page. It is also widely used in the business sector.

Download our free version of the font, unzip it, and use it in any software for any required projects.

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