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Lego Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Lego font is very popular in design.

Lego has long been one of the most iconic toy brands on the market. Founded in Billund, Denmark, over 60 years ago by Ole Kirk Kristiansen and his family,

Lego is now a global powerhouse brand with billions made every year from its flagship product line-up, including colorful interlocking plastic bricks accompanying an array of gears and collectible figurines called mini-figures.

Lego Font Family


Lego was founded nearly 70 years ago when Danish carpenter Ole Kirke Christiansen recognized that there needed to be different toys for kids than what already existed at this time: dolls or wooden blocks were popular but not enough action–kids wanted something more interactive like cars or sleds. 

He thought about creating simple wooden toys as well as snapping together wood-building kits.

Lego pieces are made from this iconic children’s toy, which can be assembled and related in various ways to build all sorts of gadgets. Lego structures range from vehicles, homes, and robots- you name it! All these creations can then be taken apart later on for a new construction project or saved as souvenirs.

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The Lego Group is the most famous toy company in history. They have been producing these interlocking bricks since 1949, and they’ve come a long way from just making those little blocks that kids use to build everything imaginable, now supporting movies, video games, competitions, and six.

Legoland amusement parks around the world! As of July 2015, there are 600 billion pieces created by their hardworking employees which means it’s likely you’ll find some at your local store – get yourself one right now?

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The LEGO Group began production on The Interlocking Toy Bricks in 1949; Supporting Movies & Video Games Under Their Brand Name  - Which Have Given Birth To Six Different LEGOLAND Amusement Parks Around The World And Counting.

Lego’s popularity is tested using its wide representation and usage in many varieties of cultural works, including books, films, and artwork. This typeface has even been used in the classroom as a teaching device. 

In North America, Lego Education helps to educate children with creative play through collaboration across Pitsco Inc., Lego Group’s educational division.

You just have to click the link and download this font. Use it in your upcoming projects for a creative look, or use it now while you’re working on ongoing projects.

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