Lato Font Family Free Download

Lato Font Family Free Download

Lato is a typeface loved one started in the summertime of 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Lukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” indicates “Summer” in Polish). In December 2010, his foundry Poland revealed this family member underneath an Open up Font License with assistance from Google.

Over the past decade, Lukasz has been designing style, and most of his assignments were rooted in a unique style that he had to solve.

Lato Font Family

The family of fonts that came from this was Lato. Initially, it was envisioned as a set for customers who made up their minds in the end and went off on various stylistic paths; however, it eventually became public release because they were so popular with everyone else.

When operating on Lato, Lukasz tried to diligently stability some potentially conflicting priorities. 

Usage of Lato Font

He wanted his typeface designs for both body text and larger print sizes so that it would be quite “transparent” when made use of in the former but have more authentic traits show up with more giant screens or harder-to read fonts within other publications like magazines where there may not always seem as if one’s reading an article directly from their screen.

Alternatives of Lato Font

The designer used classical proportions (specifically visible from the uppercase) to present familiar harmony and class. At the same time, he created a sleek sans serif seem that makes evident Lato’s 2010 origins despite it not adhering to any present pattern.

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