Knockout Font Free Download

Knockout Font Free Download

The history of Knockout Font is rich and diverse. This font was originally based on Franklin Gothic. The original appearance had some flaws so the designers went on to change it into the font we see today.

This is a site devoted to the various uses of the Franklin Type Collection knock-out font.

Been hearing about the knockout font in all sorts of web pages. You’d probably wondering what it is and how to use it. Well, you’re not alone. So here’s a blog I’ve made for the sole purpose of discussing knockout font.

Knockout Font Family


Knockout is a script typeface designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1903. This font family was digitized in 2013 by Hannes von Döhren.

Franklin font is one of the best and easiest fonts for beginners in web design. This is a great example of starting typography and headlines. It is widely used on the internet since it provides a friendly look to the users.

Knockout font, also known as Franklin font is geometric. Knockout has been in the talk in the design community because of the unique nature of its unique features.

The font is also referred to as Franklin Gothic by Knockout, together with another geometric face ITC Avant Garde Gothic. This font was created for Mac but now supports all platforms, including WPF, Android, and iOS. Knockout Font is easy to recognize due to its high x-height and long ascenders that make it ideal for headlines.

Knockout Font Usage

I do not own the font but only write this post because the font is interesting itself. This post contains information about the history of Knockout Font and some really nice examples by Brian Hoffer Design.

The knockout font is the ultimate font, created by the designer Ray Larabie. Knockout Font became a rage in 2013 and has been used by individual designers and designers to global brands.

Knockout (sometimes styled Knockout or Knockout font) is a sans-serif typeface designed by Dutch designer Martin Majoor. It was commercially released in 1992 by his company FontShop.

The typeface’s name comes from how its single glyphs knock out certain overlaid glyphs to achieve a clean look.

Franklin is a sans-serif. It is connected yet has a good x-height, making it a leader for both print and screen.

In 1990, the original Franklin was altered and expanded by David Berlow. The font series consists of 14 fonts and 5 weights with italics included in each font.

The font was named after the designer, Morris Fuller Benton. The typeface became popular in the 1950s when it was used on the packaging for Winston cigarettes.

This is where the commonly used name for this typeface – Franklin Gothic originates. BFA had previously created a series of condensed fonts and designed them to be used together as a family of condensed fonts under the name of Gothic Condensed.

When he created Franklin Gothic, he designed several weights but did not design them to be part of a family.

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