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Kaufmann Font

Kaufmann Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Kaufmann Font is a font that defines the true classical nature and hand-crafted design.

It’s a beautifully made font with a moderate traditional touch and refined basic aesthetics typeface styles that give a vintage and classic vibe to your texts.

It is designed in a particular fashion that all the letters of this font offer a fantastic gesture of joined and cursive handwriting.

Max R. Kaufmann, a lettering artist and font designer, made a tremendous effort into creating this font for the American Type Foundry in 1936.

The fluid and flaccid design of this font shone exuberantly with the neon lights.

Kaufmann Font Family


The highlighted feature of this font is its art and feel, which puts your letters in a melodious mood, similar to the font styles you find in the old 1970s when neon was mostly used all over the country’s buildings in the United States.

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It presents a mix of curves and flares which gives a splendid gesture with a slightly symphonic theme.

The formation of the letters represents a regular size with no condensed characteristic with four moderately different styles that is, Kaufmann bold, regular, italic and Roman.


Kaufmann is a very distinctive and adjustable type of font that can be used on multiple platforms with a wide extension of tasks and projects including textual logos, illustration, textual animation, advertisement, and titles.

Along with other items it can be used to create flyers, book covers, brochures, and magazine covers.


On a large scale, Kaufmann font is one of those fonts that can easily catch the eyes of the viewers. Its pleasing art and craft are sufficient enough to attract the viewers’ attention.

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Kaufmann font shows an exceptional level of detail and a high depth of resolution, making it perfect for all printable platforms. It also has an attribute that prevents text from blurring when cropped or zoomed.

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