You are currently viewing Jaws Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Jaws Font Free Download [Direct Link]

In this post, we are introducing Jaws Font. It was originally designed by AJ Paglia. It was created for the horror movie, “Jaws”, in 1975. This movie tells the story of a great white shark that preys upon a small resort town and the voyage of three men trying to kill it.

This retro fancy typeface owns uppercase letters, numbers,  common punctuation marks & special characters. Take a look at the picture below for its design.

Jaws Font Family

Jaws Font Preview

Since the success of the movie, this font has gotten a lot of attention and popularity as well. This font is also called Amity Jack. It gives universal look to all fun designs. It is perfect for a vintage look to your text designs. It has Open Type and True Type features. It gives a much more useful alternative and subscript formation.

Usage of Jaws Font

You can use this font in various ways and projects. You can put it in logo designs, banner designs, and app designs. Since it’s also used in movies, feel free to use it in magazines, posters, film production, media and any publications.

Due to the huge list of its uses, the popularity of this typeface is increasing day by day in the whole world. Many designers use this typeface for the similarities of different related fonts. You can utilize its outstanding characters for making modern and stylish designs. We abolustley are having fun with it.

We particularly like to use it in posters since the impression and influence of the poster are profound. People will not forget it for the rest of their lives, for example, the scene in which a teenager was about to be affected by the jaw of a shark is forever engraved in our memory. 

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Alternatives of Jaws Font

The designer has combined 3D elements and 2D elements in an unusual and innovative way, making thousands of people unable to erase this poster from their mind.

You can download it directly from this page by clicking on it. Please tell your colleague about your experience with it here below so that others may benefit from it, too.

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