ITC Benguiat Font Free Download

ITC Benguiat Font Free Download

The Itc Benguiat font is a serif typeface that falls under the Humanist category. Ed Benguiat created and patented many prominent, worth appreciating designs such as “The New York Times.

The first release came out in 1977. Different versions were seen throughout his lifespan for this famous work he did on behalf of humanity with its various weights, including Bold & Regular It contains two widths and three weight options.

ITC Benguiat Font Family

The International Typeface Corporation (ITC) has released many different and exciting fonts throughout its history. ITC Benguiat Pro, one such font, was created in 2008 by the New York based company to showcase their type design expertise for all to see.

You can also use the Itc Benguiat Font Generator to create your custom logo for free. A tool called this available on any device is used, and it’s great if you want different symbols or just need some compatibility elimination.

Usage of ITC Benguiat Font

The font has been featured in many admired spots that improved its worth and popularity. The most famous American novel, Stephen King’s “The Eyes of the Dragon,” published back in 1980, used this typeface for its legibility purposes, making other writers copycat his book because they saw how good he did with them.

The font is quite well-known, used in games like The Chaos Engine and Nier: Automata. It can also be seen on the official soccer jerseys for Melbourne Knights FC., an Australian team that has gained popularity throughout Australia due to their fantastic play as of late!

Alternatives of ITC Benguiat Font

You can download the accessible version of this font in your system from our provided link. After installing it, you will be able to apply that same design to any personal project.

It comes with different formats, so no matter what device or screen size, there is always a way for people to see what they’re creating with brand-new lettering styles right at their fingertips – all without having an expensive bill attached.

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