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Intro Font Free Download

Intro Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Intro Font is fantastically designed with an absolutely pleasing typeface aesthetics that gives a clear spotlight shine to your texts.

It is designed in such a way that each letter gives off a showtime vibe because all the letters of this font are expressive in their own way.

Intro Font Family


It was designed by an artist and type designer Miroslav Bekyarov and font fabric was the major platform where it was released.

Font Fabric is the home to the top class and most versatile font types you can get on the web, featuring different categories such as sans serif, serif, display, rust, script, and as well as a custom one.

The characteristic feature of this font is to out-shine and maintain a firm design for your texts.

Intro font is considered as an all-rounder font which is packed with numerous weights ranging from intro thin to intro bold with oblique and black attributes for your needs. It contains in total 42 different sets of weights.

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Intro font is a cross-platform font that can be used for a wide variety of projects, including online displays, illustration, textual animation, large-scale advertisements, and textual logos, thanks to its weight versatility.

Among other items, it can be used to create book covers, magazine covers, and brochure covers.

Font Clarity

One of the best features of the Intro font is its clarity, which is achieved by the precise spacing between each letter and a large number of emphases in each stroke.


This font is one of those fonts which can take the spotlight, the aesthetics of this font are quite enough to draw the attention of the viewers when it is used over a large-scale display.

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Intro font has a fantastic texture and high resolution, making it ideal for all printable formats. It also has a feature that prevents text from blurring when cropped or zoomed.


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