How to Install Fonts on Windows? With IMAGES

How to Install Fonts on Windows? With IMAGES

Are you on a Windows machine, wanting to install fonts, but don’t know how? You’re not alone. Learning how to install fonts on Windows takes only a few seconds and if you own a Mac, these instructions will also apply to you as well.

With the popularity of web fonts, it is pretty important to know how to install fonts on Windows. Not all of us can be Mac users and if you’re stuck with Windows, this tutorial will help you out. 

Here Are 2 Ways To Install Fonts In Windows:

  1. Install Fonts Through Microsoft Store
  2. Install Fonts Manually

Install Fonts Through Microsoft Store

Follow These Simple Steps To Install Fonts:

Go to Settings.

go to settings
Go to Settings

Click on Personalization.

select personalization
Select Personalization

Then click on Fonts in the left sidebar.

select fonts
Select Fonts

Click on Get more fonts in Microsoft Store.

click on microsoft store
Click on Microsoft Store

Click on any font that you want to install.

Select Font Microsoft Store

Congratulations you have installed the font successfully.

Install Fonts Manually

Download any Font from Fontspanda that you want to use in your projects.

Unzip the downloaded file.

Right click on the font and select install.

Start using installed fonts in any tool or software.

I hope the article above has been helpful in guiding you and your business on the right direction towards a better understanding of fonts and if you have followed the steps and tips provided, then you will have no problems with How to Install Fonts on Windows.


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