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Hot Fuzz Movie Font Free Download

Hot Fuzz Movie Font Free Download [Direct Download]

Hot Fuzz movie font is used in the movie, “the Hot Fuzz” where the main protagonist plays the role of a cop in the United Kingdom. The movie is a high-paced action comedy released on February 16th, 2007.

Directed by Edgar Wright and the production goes to Nira Park, Eric Fellner & Tim Bevan, this movie managed to earn 80.7 million dollars worldwide and a minimum budget of about 12.7 million US dollars.

Hot Fuzz Movie Poster
Hot Fuzz Movie Poster

This movie gave rise to the popularity of the font, Hot Fuzz Cop Font that we are presenting to you in this post.

Hot Fuzz Movie Font Family

The highlighted feature of this font is its art and feel, which puts your letters in a very Sturdy, strong, and solid mood. It presents a blend of smooth curves and wide rectangular cuts which gives a dominant gesture with a slight adrenaline rush type of vibe.

The formation of the letters represents a regular size with no condensed and highly bold, black design aesthetics resembling Sans Serif font corners, which will surely work for your daily projects.



Hot Fuzz Font is a multi-platform font with a very distinctive style that can be used for tasks and projects including graphics designing, illustration, textual logo design, business cards, and document titles.

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Along with other items it can be used to create flyers, book covers, brochures, and magazine covers.

Font Clarity

The clarity of the Hot Fuzz font is one of its best features, thanks to the emphasis on the bigger, bolder & stronger attribute which brings clarity to your texts that makes them visible and easy to read.

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Hot fuzz font is one of those fonts that can easily draw the attention of the viewers when used on a large-sized display such as screens and billboards or panels, the aesthetics and craft of this font are sufficient to attract the viewers’ attention.


Hot fuzz font shows a high level of detail and a high depth of resolution, making it perfect for all printable formats such as carbon fiber, plastic, fabric, and silk pages.


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