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Highway Gothic Font free

Highway Gothic Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Another sans-serif typeface worth mentioning is Highway Gothic font. It used to be called FHWA Series fonts and consists of 6 d versions: A, B, C, D E (M).

Have you ever seen a traffic light with only capital letters? It’s pretty much standard to use lowercase lettering for these. Highway Gothic font is used in many places, especially banks and other financial institutions, is E Gothic Medium.

Highway Gothic Font Family


The designer brought a typeface well suited for reading from considerable distances and even at high speeds. This font serves this cause, as you can see with the text-based tool Highway gothic font Generator, which provides other designs and shapes of highway gothic fonts.

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This legible and readable typeface gained immense fame worldwide. You can clearly understand what’s written on a board from afar even more than other fonts would allow you to do! In the United States, it has been featured in numerous places, such as a road sign font specially used for this purpose.,

This font can be used in text to make it stand out. It was designed by Ash Pikachu a while ago and is similar to Gotham or Avenir fonts but with thin strokes on letters for readability.

Highway Gothic is a free font that can instantly add a masterpiece touch to any project. Be sure to use this font to make the text clear and when this font is used with rage italic font it provides great results.

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