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Haettenschweiler Font Free

Haettenschweiler Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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It is said that some old stone carvings inspired the designer of this font. It has an exciting style that comes in bold and condensed, making it perfect for titles or other sections where you need to stand out from your competitors’ websites.

The weight options include Regular (with lowercase characters), Bold (“medium” weights), and Italic(upright).

Haettenschweiler Font Family


This font family is a highly compact, industrial design and tightly spaced characters that, despite its poor legibility, was famous in the 60s. 

This typeface has 654 unique glyphs with 2048 units per ems. It can be found in Adobe and Google, among other places! The characters included are Uppercase letters like A-Z; Numerals 0 – 9); Extended Latin character set (including Greek & Cyrillic). 

Alternatives of Haettenschweiler Font

This typeface was used for newspapers to make headlines and book covers during this period when paired with Gruppo Stemwinder digitization script font by Mono font Foundry Group Limited Company. It would add a vintage touch to your display projects if you choose this beautiful combination.

This font family also includes symbols such as common punctuation marks that we use every day for more than just formatting text messages-they have invaluable meaning. 

Furthermore, it’s used in the logo of Nottingham Forest and has become a favorite among designers. The typeface is also seen on Cartoon Network, specifically Powerpuff Girls, where its text credits are end credit screens or promos for show episodes.

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Usage of Haettenschweiler Font

The bold and creative typeface is perfect for titles, headings, and logos. It can be used in many designing fields, including book covers, product packaging, or brand advertising projects.

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