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Gucci Font Free Download

Gucci Font Free Download [Direct Link]

This blog post will be a treat for those who want to know more about Gucci font.

My goal in this post is to help you learn about the history of the font and where is used. I hope that you will find everything that you need here.

Gucci Font Family

When you see the font, you immediately know the brand as it’s considered one of the most identifiable logos in terms of luxury branding. So the name Gucci isn’t just a font. It is the logo of the famous Gucci brand. Because of its global success, the font used on the logo also became famous. And the font is called Granjon Roman font (Gucci font).

Have you ever stopped to notice the “g” in “Gucci” font? What does Gucci font look like? Do you know why it looks like that?


This font is an old-style serif typeface used in their logo (with a combination of Frutiger, Baskerville, and Times New Roman). It was created by George W. Jones as well as Claude Garamond in 1928. There are two broad categories of fonts: serif and sans-serif.

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Unlike various other sans-serif font styles, the font style appears to be the basis of today’s layout and also refers to a basic flow that makes it legible. This casual font can be used in multiple designs such as Social media posts, quotes, Pinterest pins, thumbnails, web designs, typography, vlogs, and t-shirts.

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