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Gill Sans Font Free Download [Direct Link]

If you are looking for a font design with a professional style that is readable with ease & can be easily downloaded. You are at the right spot! You can now get Gill Sans Font Free Download here.

Gill Sans offers a unique package both in style and accessibility and here’s more, what makes Gill Sans really stand out is because of its versatility and varieties. It is also a sans serif font.

Every set of Gill font is specified for a specific function. For example, the light italic font can be used in minor descriptions and details. And Gill sans roman is used for a regular text that covers the main body of the document.

Heavier and bold fonts can be used for the headings and highlighted descriptions over packages, labels, or magazine covers.

Gill Sans Font Family

Gill Sans constitute 15 different weights of the Gill Sans including:

  • Gill Sans Light Italic
  • Gill Sans Light
  • Gill Sans Roman
  • Gill Sans Italic
  • Gill Sans Bold
  • Gill Sans Bold Italic
  • Gill Sans ExtraBold
  • Gill Sans Ultra Bold
  • Gill Sans Light Shadowed
  • Gill Sans Condensed
  • Gill Sans Bold Condensed
  • Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed
  • Gill Sans Bold Extra Condensed
  • Gill Sans Shadowed
  • Gill Sans Extra Bold Display

Gill San is one of those fonts included in the highest weightage types of fonts. Gill Sans’ style is influenced by the font designs of the Monumental Roman Capitals in the uppercase letter with low strokes that have no extensions.

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Gill sans is not based on totally geometric principles of fonts. The basic shapes of the Gill Sans do not maintain a consistent look when it comes to the different weights and attributes, especially in Gill Sans extra bold and Gill Sans Extra-condensed.

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In Gill San, the regular T is replaced with 2 separate strokes.

Gill Sans Font Preview
Gill Sans Font Preview

About the Designer

A humanist typeface, Gill Sans was designed by Eric Gill in 1926 and was released by the British Monotype Branch in 1928.

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Gill San took inspiration from Edward Johnston’s 1916s known as “Underground Alphabet”, which was the official font of the London Underground rapid transit.

Gill took the idea of designing a font when he painted a shop banner belonging to Doughlas Ceverdon, an English radio producer, in 1926.

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Use this sans serif font with different design projects such as billboards, shop banners, fonts, t-shirts, logo taglines, brand names, and body text.


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