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Garamond Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Garamond fonts are serif typefaces that have an old-style classification, so they’re usually the go-to choice for classic designs or manuscripts of a vintage nature. 

Fonts can be classified into two categories—serif and sans-serif

Claude Garamond originated this font with Robert Granjon and Jean Jannon in 1541 during Renaissance France’s golden age-so it’s no wonder we love to use these types of fonts now!

Garamond Font Family


It is also said to be one of the revived typography fields due to its popularity being made by Adobe which has created many versions, including EB Garamonds’ version. It became very popular because it was used on Barack Obama campaign posters back in 2008.

Garamond font is one of the most popular fonts in existence. With a multitude of different iterations, there is no denying that this typeface has stood the test of time and continues to be used today by designers around the world. 

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The ‘e’ letter, as well as an ‘a’, can easily stand out when set against other notes like hank or some variation thereof which makes it very easy for anyone who may not know how to read words.

In 2019, the Garamond font family increased with additional weights and fonts. This typeface was designed many years ago, but it enjoyed fame in 1900 when people began accepting its design as elegant and beautiful.

Garamond is a typeface that you can use on logos, titles, graphic designs, and websites. You’ll find it in banners too!

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You can choose one of many fonts that are similar to Garamond Font. For example, you could use MVB Verdigris font or Bembo Font – the choice is yours.

With the font Garamond, you can never go wrong. The serif typeface is free to use for all projects and products on your system, with a complete family of fonts available in nine weights (lightest through bold).

If you need an attractive and professional-looking font that won’t cost money or take up space, then download this modern classic now!

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