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Futura Regular Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Futura regular font is classified as a steady, modern, elegant type of font design with a geometric San-serif typeface. It was designed by Paul Renner & released in 1927 by Bauer Type foundry. Now you can download it free within seconds.

It was primarily designed to offer a contribution to the Frankfurt project in 1930.

Futura Regular offers a very professional baseline dedicated to giving a blend of retrospective with a futuristic type of feel to the text.

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Futura Regular’s appearance is emphasized by round geometric shapes. It has both uppercase and lowercase formats. It is noticeable when you focus on the letter Q with the round shape of it making it a perfect round spherical geometry, similarly the letter C is completely round over the left side.

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The letter R consists of straight oblique support at the bottom the one which distinguishes it from the P letter.

The height of all the font seems to be in a uniform fashion, eliminating all the unnecessary decorative details such as curls or bending strokes at the edge of each letter.

Futura Font is designed to give more of a decent and subtle appearance which allows the letterhead to remain in balance.

Since Futura Regular was a huge success due to the fusion of modernity and classicism thus it sparked a wide range of geometric sans-serif typeface derivatives which were owned by its competitors.

With a reference to history, Futura appeared in the Nazi documentation such as “Organisationsbuch der NSDAP”.

It was actually an informative handbook written for the instructions to join the Nazi party & on posters as well which were supporting “Entartete Kunst” meaning “Degenerative Art” which was an exhibition held by the Nazis to emphasize shame on modern art in 1941.

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Usage of Futura Regular

Futura font is utilized on a daily basis being a headline or a body text.

It was commercialized by many famous names and brands including advertisements and logos such as on, IKEA a Swedish multinational conglomerate till 2010, the famous brand name logo of SUPREME the New York-based skateboarding merchandise brand, Volkswagen, Shell gasoline, Crayola, Swissair & HP in their advertisements.

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