Frutiger 55 Roman Font Family Free Download

Frutiger 55 Roman Font Family Free Download

The Frutiger 55 Roman Font Family is a unique, customizable font that you can experiment with to create your own style. It has an experimental and clean design which makes it fashionable as well.

The only drawback is there is only one basic glyph set, but this doesn’t matter if what’s inside counts for something.

Frutiger 55 Roman Font Family

This font contains an extravagant set of letters and symbols, making it perfect for all sorts of designs. This typeface offers users the ability to combine basic glyphs with stylistic sets to find out what they like best.

The stylistic sets are alternate alphabets interpretations of Art Deco mixed with straight-lined shapes of ancient runes. This variety encourages unusual and extroverted creation in editorial design or poster work alike.

Usage of Frutiger 55 Roman Font Family

The roman font set will be your best friend. It includes four unique styles that complement the other fonts in this collection and can be found all on one page.

The PostScript version is perfect for those who want to print their designs immediately and has a TrueType form, so you’ll never run out of characters at hand with Open Type technology which offers more options than ever before.

Alternatives of Frutiger 55 Roman Font Family

The vast number of options available will have you covered no matter your needs.

Script fonts are great for adding a personal touch to any design. They come in many different styles, allowing you the freedom of choice when it comes time to pick out just what suits your needs best.

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