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Friz Quadrata Font

Friz Quadrata Font Free Download [Direct Link]

Friz Quadrata font is an incised serif typeface that was designed in 1965 by Ernst Friz and Victor Caruso. The reason you can easily recognize this style among others is because of its amazing texture.

The Friz Quadrata Font Generator is a great resource for making typography art. It allows you to develop the shapes online and even preview them before saving them as images or vector documents, which can be used anywhere.

Friz Quadrata Font Family


This typeface got so much popularity in the usage of display projects because of the realistic weight and style that are present in this font.

Also since Friz Quadrata is a classic font, so it makes sense that educational institutions are the first to experiment with this typeface. Many universities and schools have tried different things using Friz.

Moreover, many Tv shows, music videos, and motion pictures have applied this typeface on the cover or logo. You might also recognize it in video games as well as fast food companies like KFC that used it for promotional material at one time.

You can download Friz Quadrata on your devices in whatever format you want and then use it with Heavitas Font. Additionally, you can also create online designs for free using the Quadrata font without any cost issues.

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When you use this font, your design will have a touch of excellence. You can also try other fonts that are similar to it including ITC and Frijole Fonts.

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