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Franklin Gothic Font Free Download

Franklin Gothic Font Free Download [Direct Link]

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Franklin Gothic Font is a popular serif text typeface. Originally published in 1906 by Morris Fuller Benton, it is the most widely distributed of the News Gothic family.

Franklin Gothic Font was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1902 and is often considered to be the first true sans-serif typeface.

It’s probably best known for its use on the New York Subway Map. It’s not just a beautiful font to look at, it is also very practical and offers a great experience to your visitors.

Franklin Gothic Font Family


Franklin Gothic is a typeface designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1903 for the American Type Founders. It has had minor modifications since then to keep it relevant in today’s design world. By 1993 ITC Franklin Gothic became the standard font on computers and word processors everywhere.

You can easily find this font used in almost every place possible. When we talk about fonts, there are several types of fonts like Serif, Sans Serif, Geometric, etc.

Each type of font has its own look and feel. A font is used to represent text in a printed piece. So, when we want to print something on paper or any other media we need to show the words in that piece visually.

To do that we have a need for some type of font which contains the letters and symbols used to write a certain language. There could be different languages but most probably there is more than one language in a particular country or state.

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This font is considered to be very similar to and inspired by various other sans-serifs such as Century Schoolbook.

Franklin Gothic is a typeface that was created by Morris Fuller Benton in 1910. It was among the first “modern” American typefaces, specifically the first widely released sans-serif typeface. The family was released around the same time as Futura, Kabel, and Erbar – another sans-serif typeface.

Franklin Gothic Font is used by many book publishers and magazines. And I thought it might be nice to know a bit of history on it and how is it used today.

It has a unique role in the history of typography, combining great design with the invention in its creation. It’s a font for everyone.

Franklin Gothic font has always been one of the most popular fonts and it is considered to be a sans-serif font. It is a designed font and it has been named after Benjamin Franklin.

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There are various uses of this font across many platforms and it ensures that it gets easy to read texts from various sources. If you like this font or just learn more about the Franklin Gothic, then you can dip in here for more information on what could provide you with.

Franklin Gothic has been a favorite font of designers for the past fifty years. It dates back to the 1930s and has remained popular over the years. It is one of the most commonly used typefaces in both corporate and graphic design.

It was designed to be a complete family and include letterforms with matching stress and stroke widths.

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Its popularity can be traced back to ATF’s marketing efforts, and that of Monotype Typography which licensed the face shortly after its release. It became a popular typeface during what we call “The Golden Age of Type.”

It is popularly used as a display font, especially for headings, advertisements, and posters. Influenced strongly by the early sans-serifs of the late Renaissance, Franklin Gothic could be classified as a Transitional serif typeface.

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